Frequent flyer: Lola Berry

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This nutritionist shares her secrets for healthy flying.

Q Pizza in Rome, bratwurst in Vienna, or churros with thick chocolate sauce in Barcelona?

A Bratwurst in Vienna with loads of sauerkraut. I’m addicted to the stuff.

Q Is there a case for going off your diet while on holidays?

A Absolutely. It’s great to change things a little. As soon as we stress less we drop a bit of weight, so travel is all about experiencing new things and having the time of your life.

Q What are your tips for keeping calories down during travel?

A Eat clean, go for fresh food. Forget the packet junk foods. Enjoy wholesome meals with nice meats and vegies. Try the local wines.

Q Do you indulge in a full meal and drinks when flying?

A I’m a bit of a food nerd and I like all my meat to be organic, so when I fly I generally go for the salad and vego options. I wouldn’t advise drinking alcohol, it makes the jet-lag worse. And if you want to prevent jet-lag, pack a banana. It’s a natural food source of tryptophan and [vitamin] B6, which help to regulate your body clock.

Q What’s in your hand luggage?

A Green juice, which I whip up before I leave (celery, spinach, pineapple, lemon, ginger and green apples); water; MacBook; healing balm; dream-manifesto book, which is a notebook for magic moments or ideas; iPod; and coconut oil to use as a moisturiser.

Q Any snacks?

A Always. Raw Pana Chocolate – it’s super healthy. Also, raw trail mix is another favourite. I mix macadamia nuts, pepitas, shredded coconut and cranberries for my little flight combo.

Q What should you do when you come back from holidays a few kilos heavier?

A Just get back into your exercise routine and pull the alcohol back for a few weeks and your body will bounce back. And load up on water – it will help to cleanse and rid the body of any toxins. We hold fluid when we fly, so if you’ve been on a huge overseas trip, it can take a few weeks to recover from the fluid. Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Lola Berry’s The 20/20 Diet is about losing 20 kilograms in 20 weeks (Pan Macmillan, $22.99).

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