Demerits of the Emirates

Hong Kong International Airport’s 30-minute immigration queues (Traveller Letters, August 25-26) sound delightful compared with our recent experience in Dubai, where queues took 90 minutes to clear. Only when queues began to extend to the arrival gates did officials open more processing points. The airconditioning in the arrivals hall could not cope with the load and 40-degrees-plus outside temperatures, leading to snaking lines of pushing, shoving, hot and tired people.

– Peter Yarrington

Bangkok delay

It took 45 minutes to clear immigration at Bangkok Airport last month. Come on, Bangkok Airport, you can do better than this. There are so many counters that could be staffed and open to speed up arrival procedures.

– Sunny Liang

Dubai does it again

We arrived at Dubai Airport at about 11pm. Just four immigration booths were open. Hundreds of people were lined up. It took well over one hour to clear immigration, then we headed to baggage collection where we found that our bags still hadn’t arrived. Not happy, Jan.

– Ray Kelly

Hold the Anglophone

Why do people who travel to experience new cultures and other ways of living write letters describing how in some places, the locals do or don’t speak good English That is as absurd as a Brazilian going to, say, England and complaining that they don’t speak Portuguese.

– Kai-Kai Toh

Meet and greet

My Saturday mornings always start with Traveller. I love the understanding that it’s the soul-enriching experience of going out and greeting the world, while meeting the challenges of one’s own personality and character deficits, that uplifts our deepest selves. I adore your letters page, too – it is comforting to know that there are others who know the importance of plotting one’s seat on the plane.

– Veronica Di Toro

Rhino’s friendly charge

The US car-rental market is notorious for its rip-offs (Traveller Letters, August 25-26). I use Rhino Car Hire (rhinocarhire苏州美甲学校), a car-rental consolidator. It offers insurance options from basic (massive excess) to $0 excess “fully inclusive” including driver legal cover. You decide the cover level. After accepting a quote, you learn who the supplier is. I often pay as little as $30 a day for a mid-size SUV with full insurance.

– Paul Gerrard

Victory at Alamo

We use Alamo car rental and book via its Australian website (alamo苏州美甲学校.au). The rates are cheaper than those quoted by Alamo’s US site. Last trip we hired a full-size car for 24 days for $1100 – fully insured.

– David Cross

Think of England

Collision insurance and third-party liability insurance may be included when booking US car rental via a company’s British site. Look for a “” domain. A geographic loophole?

– Anthony Hanna

Grand National

National Car (nationalcar苏州美甲学校) will let you book as an Australian driver and include the collision damage waiver and liability in the rate for not much more than other agencies charge for the car hire alone.

– Greg Schmaltz

No snow tent

The article about skiing the Bogong High Plains (Traveller, August 18-19) included a photograph of a person in a small tent. This is misleading as the tent was not a snow tent and would not stand up well to alpine conditions. Further, a fire was shown. The High Plains is national park and fires outdoors are not permitted.

– Dr Ern Reeders

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