THE attempts by the mayor and other speakers at the second (Tamworth) law and order forum to convince the audience that meaningful advances had been made ranghollow indeed. Much time spent patting other pollies’ backs was very unconvincing.

The Attorney-General spoke endlessly about Sydney and its problems, but little about how Tamworth and its woes would be improved. The two police representatives were well on the ball as was the Liquor Accord speaker anddidn’t Kevin Anderson get excited about the $50,000 that the AG had sweetened us with? Whoopee!

That should make us grateful, eh?

So much time blowing trumpets that there was little time forquestions and consequently few questions were asked or comments made by citizens before time was called.

Those people who were of the “Lock em up and throw away the keys” brigade were as vocal as usual. Unfortunately there was little thought given to why the people in our community who rob and steal from others, do what they do and why.

Consequently the causes of disaffection, resentment and anger don’t get considered. The root ofthe problem will only be dealt with when people understand thatthe problem is deep seated and complex

Simplistic reaction, however understandable, will not solve this issue.

The pollies would do well to think about setting up a forum to specifically address how education and rehabilitation can be enforced on offenders. There are people in the community with experience in this area.We should look to them for advice.



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